Tuesday, 11 April 2017


The idea for this blog grew out of a few guest posts I wrote for my friend HDA, describing an old-school D&D megadungeon setting I'm working on. I have HDA to thank for hipping me to this Old School Revival stuff in the first place, for getting me to finally read Clark Ashton Smith and listen to black metal, and for inspiring me with his posts about his own really cool setting. If it seems sometimes like I'm ripping him off, that's because I am.

Anyway, I realized I liked writing about this shit, and it gives me an excuse to keep working on stuff in the piecemeal, haphazard fashion that's the only method I can manage. So this blog will mostly be about whatever setting or gaming project I happen to be working on, plus assorted musings about D&D, other games, and tabletop roleplaying in general.

Right now, the only project I really have going is the aforementioned setting, which in a nutshell is an attempt at a "classic" weird fantasy megadungeon, in a dying-earth type setting with a strong Lovecraftian vibe. It's something I need to do a lot of work on because I hope to start running it in the near future, so that's mostly what I'll be posting about for now.

You can check out my original posts about it over at HDA's blog, here. The idea has evolved a bit since then, so the first substantive post I make here is probably going to be an updated summary of the whole mess, but it's still more or less the same as what you see there.

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